Are you fascinated with the women from Asia? Would you characterize yourself as being more into Heirs and My Love From Another Star than you would General Hospital or Days of Our Lives? Are you more KPop than you are Hip-Hop? And do you specifically have a soft spot for the women of Thailand?

If you are looking to get on the same level as some of the most beautiful women in Asia, nay, the world, then you should take a look at these three dating sites. This site is the most used by the women in Thailand, which allows you direct access to the source.

Here is the best dating app in Thailand: ThaiCupid.

Why ThaiCupid?

If you are looking to connect with some of the most gorgeous women in the world, this site will take you to the source – digitally of course.

ThaiCupid has actually been around since 2002, so they are not some company that just sprang up from nowhere looking to capitalize on the interest in Thai women.

This site is trustworthy and firmly established in the dating world.

ThaiCupid is a part of the well-established Cupid Media network. Cupid Media is responsible for running over 30 niche dating sites that are extremely reputable as well as successful. They are committed to facilitating dating, so you can be confident that you are spending your time using a quality service.

Top Dating App in Thailand

You can trust ThaiCupid.

With the internet becoming an increasingly dangerous place for identity theft and scamming, you can rest assured that your information is not being sold by this site.

They are McAfee Secure certified and are secured by thawte. These companies don’t just give their seal of approval to anyone. You can also be sure that this site is safe when you look in the search bar to see the green “secure” message, complete with the little lock icon, pop up. If over 1.5 Million people trust this site, that is a good indication that you ought to as well.

People find love on ThaiCupid.

A lot of sites make empty promises of romance and love. However, ThaiCupid follows through on the promises they make.

To reiterate a previous point I made, they are a part of Cupid Media which is a company founded on facilitating genuine connections and cultivating love.

You don’t have to take my word for it or even Cupid Media’s word. If you want concrete proof that they have more than a handful of success stories you can click through to a page via their home page to read through success stories penned by happy couples who met on this site.

There is also a little scroller bar toward the middle fo their homepage that features photos of happy couples who met on the site (Warning: they are very, very cute).

How does it work? How do I get started?

Well, getting started is similar to any dating site. You create a profile, browse other profiles, and send some first messages!

While some of their features come free, there is some premium content, so you may need to have your credit card ready. Again, they are a secure site, so you will have nothing to worry about.

If you are looking for other niche dating options, if you scroll to the bottom you can see some other sites belonging to the Cupid Media network.

Good luck! Happy Thai Dating!