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One of the most common questions I get from asia singles is: How soon long should I wait before make love with my asia wife? Actually, truth be told, this question comes primarily from single thai women. With few exceptions, for most men the answer to the question "How soon should you make love?". Obviously, the right time between thai singles varies with every relationship. Some single asia women think it is okay to sleep with someone on the first date, others think nothing before marriage is acceptable. Asia ladies theory on the right time to do it for the first time falls somewhere in between first date and virgin nun. If you're just looking for a wild night, and a serious relationship or pesky moral dilemmas are not in the picture, then by all means, let the shirt buttons go flying. But, if what you're looking for is a long term relationship, you should wait to make love until you are in an exclusive relationship and hold off on doing the deed for at least a month. Well, like it or not, in theory, it still holds true today. Sure the new age has loosened things up a bit, but as we all know, that old double standard still exists. Sure, you can either sit there, mentally debating with a thai wife about why it's unfair or wrong, or you can just smile and do what works. After all, what's a little delayed gratification when we're talking about the thai ladies of your dreams? The third date is not the time. Okay, now try not to have a heart attack, it's really not that bad. Once you start dating thai brides exclusively, one more month really isn't that long to wait. Why wait a month? The answer may surprise you. It has nothing to do with any moral issues, and it's not about playing hard to get with asia brides.

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